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Not for the light-hearted!

Bound By Exile – Defilement EP Review

Met with introductory slams that nearly erupted my eardrums Defilement begins furiously with mesmerizing kick patterns that shortly follow on the first track Desecrate. Ingested‘s Jason Evans features to distinctly growl across the carnage alongside Luke McCarthys simply filthy screams, … Continue reading

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*Exclusive* Luke McCarthy interview (Bound By Exile vocalist)

Hailing from Exeter, UK : Bound By Exile are one of the fastest growing names arising out of the underground for bringing “pure brutality on a whole new level”. Already sharing stages with the likes of the ever notorious Martyr Defiled,  Postmortem Promises and … Continue reading

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Rise Of An Empire – ‘Castigation Of A God’ EP review

Having shared stages with the iconic Martyr Defiled & Silent Screams their portfolio speaks for itself, and undoubtedly was enough persuasion necessary for me to check out this new found gem. 4 piece Death Metal band Rise Of An Empire from Bridgewater unleash mayhem in their EP Castigation Of A God. Old-school Deathcore fanatics who’ve … Continue reading

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Salacious Crumb, Impaled Through The Skull & Space Monkey Mafia @ The Railway Inn, Forden 28/06/12

(28/06/12) Living in rural mid/north wales I’d understand apprehension when describing an account of my experience last weekend at a quaint, typical run-of-the-mill tavern in Forden, on the outskirts of a town with a population of just under 7’000 (known … Continue reading

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