Nozstock Festival 2014

Nozstock1 Nozstock Festival 2014 (Review)

Leaving our brains frazzled and fried, Nozstock Festival sufficiently surpassed all of our expectations. An unforgettable weekend compact with thrills, the boutique event showcased some of the finest musical talents stemming from our shores; a combination of veteran and up-and-coming musicians who each lived up to the occasion magnificently, collaboratively ensuring Nozstock’s most exciting and successful event to date. To help us try to encapsulate the true Nozstock emotive, we’ve spoken with Hip Hop MCs Cracker Jon, Tommy Dockerz and Toast Based Dinners to give you their take on the manic weekend alongside ours. Here’s a rundown of some of our first hand, up close and personal experiences at Nozstock Festival 2014.

This review has been contributed to BROKEN CULTURE:



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