Jam Baxter x Chemo – ‘… So We Ate Them Whole’ LP

So We Ate Them Whole Cover 1440From dedicating a track to a burning fixation with brains in Gruesome Features to releasing an entire EP devoted to FreshFlesh, Jam Baxter’s been making undeniable waves within the underground cannibal scene, but in doing so Baxter’s also achieved a tremendous profile in UK hip-hop, stemming from early collaborations with Contact Play and his 2010 solo début Rinse Out Friday / Spack Out Monday. Today High Focus drop Jam Baxter’s most experimental project to date; the ‘…So We Ate Them Whole’ LP. Be prepared to encounter Baxter like you’ve never witnessed before. Following a surreal year spent touring some of Europe’s biggest stages and attracting the same crowds as hip-hop legends, Baxter began penning down inspiration for the release which he says involved:

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