Frankie Stew & Harvey Gunn – The Morning


Hailing from the coastal town of Brighton, lyricist Frankie Stew and producer Harvey Gunn marked their stance in UK hip-hop with their Gentleman’s Club EP back in 2012, and have since supported the likes of Jehst and Rizzle Kicks off the back of their Paid To Li$ten release last year. Due to perform at Boom Bap Festival as well as Outlook Festival this summer, they’re equipped with new material from their latest release The Morning which dropped in mid-May. We thought Frankie’s work on the collaboration project with his rap group Concept Of Thought alongside Benaddict, Team Dreebs Vol. 1, was particularly exceptional. We’ve looked forward to analysing his abilities as a solo lyricist, and already know from their previous projects that together they can both strive to fulfil their true potential.

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