INTERVIEW: Qred: Old Time Tradition

Old Time Tradition

Since performing to fields of thousands in the early 90’s Qred has been been actively involved in the underground culture for close to two decades as a producer of both hip-hop and drum n bass. It was about a month ago Qred released potentially his most successful collaboration album to date, Old Time Tradition, featuring a range of artists both nationwide and stateside including Wu-Tang syndicate Solomon Childs, Orlando’s MidaZ The Beast and Blah Records representatives Tony Broke & Lee Scott to name a few.

Here in this exclusive interview, you’ll discover Qred’s origins in the illegal rave scene, discover his roots and influences, his intriguing upcoming into the industry, insights into the production of Old Time Tradition, his thoughts on hip hop and the industry today and more importantly: what he has in store for the future.

This interview has been contributed to Fabricate – online magazine:



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