Iron Braydz – Interview

Even from a young age the legacy of Triple Darkness lyricist Iron Braydz seemed almost written in the stars. Finding entertainment in the North-West London playgrounds reciting Kriss Kross ‘Jump’ he quickly built a reputation for rhyming, regularly reciting Wu-Tang Clan lyrics in what he called “who knows Wu” lyric battles as a child. His passion eventually unravelled into a career that has enviously privileged him with the pleasure of supporting Public Enemy, Immortal Technique on top of performing with a 27 piece orchestra at the Royal Festival Hall.  He accomplished these illustrious milestones off the back of his two projects – ‘Devil May Cry’ (2010) & Holla@Braydz (2012) – and he claims that he has not even began to touch on the subjects that could potentially turn him into an “international hero”.  Set to drop the long awaited ‘Verbal SWARdz’ EP in just over a months time, British Hip-Hop spoke with Iron Braydz to dissect the long anticipated release, discuss his progression as an artist and discover more about the man behind the microphone.

This interview has been contributed to British Hip-Hop:



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