TPS – Hot Water Music – Album review

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As the Winter steadily draws to a close, the seasonal depression has slowly begun it’s process of dissipation, but it seems that a last wave of cold is about to hit Britain before the Spring can set. The London-based triple lyrical collective TPS consists of Big Toast and rapper/producers Jack Diggs and Strange Neighbour. Since launching their gradually recognised underground label Revorg Records in 2013, TPS return to the scene after soaking the success of their Big QP début album with their sequel release Hot Water Music ready to launch on February 21st. Its name takes from Charles Bukowski’s short stories for it’s depictions of city-life, work and excessive drinking which together bind a strong element of what to expect from the album content.

A cold and vivid first-person representation of the working class struggles, Hot Water Music is moody, miserable, and somewhat melancholic. So be prepared for depressive outlooks and perspectives, but also appreciate the distinctively rugged verses and creativity in producing the motivating tales which detail every common persons quest to overcome life’s hardships. Returning with an enhanced group reputation, Hot Water Music exercises the TPS Fam’s lyrical development and talented productions. It also features impressive collaborations from a range of acclaimed rap artists from across the South, including Res and Datkid from Split Prophets, Dark Circle, Triple Darkness’ Phoenix Da IceFire, Gee Bag, Bristol’s own Sirplus and fellow Revorg signed lyricist Efeks.

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Back Cover

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