Edward Scissortongue – Interview

Edward Scissortongue

Once upon a time a boy named Thomas Hawkins found hip-hop after watching The Teenage Mutant Turtles movie at the cinema way back in 1990. Just a few years later, he would by fate find Wu Tang Clan’s now seminal debut album ‘Enter The 36 Chambers’ under a bush. It was the first CD he ever owned…

Self-described as “a fantastical, observational study of impending doom”, ‘THE THEREMIN EP’ is sure to be appreciated by those who fell for the unparalleled lyricism on display throughout his debut. We spoke with Edward Scissortongue to get an insight into the perspectives that haunt his new release, what motivates its cynical concepts, and what Edward is hoping for in the future…

This interview has been contributed to Fabricate – online magazine:



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