BVA MC – Interview

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Josh Davey aka BVA MC is the co-founder of the label RLD Records and featured artist within two High Focus collaborate acts: Brother Of The Stone and the Four Owls. The roots of his development stem from Somerset, Glastonbury. It is here where he was raised and given the nickname beaver through childhood. He grew to use the abbreviation BVA as his rap persona, and by 2005 alongside Leaf Dog & Naive he formed The Three Amigos. Together they dropped two releases: Lost But Not Forgotten and World War 3.

Since signing to High Focus records in February 2011 his output has been featured in releases throughout the camp, including two albums with The Four Owls and Brothers Of The Stone, two Dirty Dike features, a Verb T feature and a track for the Sammy B-Side mixtape and in 2013 came the self-titled Brothers Of The Stone record with Leaf Dog & Illinformed. BVA has also made collaborations and contributed bars to tracks far and wide across England outside of RLD & HF records.

Incredible receptions for his many features sent the hip-hop media into a frenzy when High Focus announced that BVA MC has finally laid down his solo début Be Very Aware. Needless to say, the release date (Valentines Day 14/02/14) went viral almost instantaneously, followed by the knowledge that the project is entirely produced by Leaf Dog, Illinformed & Amdek and features performances from Leaf Dog, Fliptrix, Verb T, Rag N Bone Man, Dirty Dike, Kashmere, Cracker Jon, Smellington Piff & DJ Sammy B-Side.

 This interview has been contributed to Fabricate – online magazine:


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His Be Very Aware release is now available to pre-order – both  CD’s and a limited edition vinyl package which contains a digital download for the whole album, bonus tracks, instrumentals & photos from the available only on the High Focus website.

Join the hype, support BVA and UKHH by ordering yourself a copy of Be Very Aware by following the links below:




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