Ant TC1 and Amoss Dispatch Transit 2 Tour – Review & Interviews

Pandemic3 Ant TC1 and Amoss Dispatch Transit 2 Tour Interviews

Following the Transit 1 release back in 2011 reaching critical acclaim world-wide, overseer Ant TC1 proudly presented Transit 2 back on November 11th. Featuring globally successive drum & bass producers and the latest artists making an impact on Dispatch Recordings, the collaborated result is a showcase of some of today’s most growingly influential drum & bass personalities in a penetrative 16-track release.

The launch party officially began at the Wire in Leeds on September the 27th. Since then the tour has been taken from America in October to Basel, Switzerland at the end of November, back in the UK to perform at Dry Live in Manchester for one night only before taking it’s final show to Berlin on December the 20th, the last chance for UK audiences to catch this seminal world-esteemed tour always promised to put up a fight to try and live up to it’s full potential.

These articles have been contributed to Broken Culture, online magazine:




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