EBGB’s & Jack Manning Live at Herbert’s Bar, Huddersfield 13/12/13

A newly instilled stage raised beside the bar with an excellent surround sound system had finally given Herbert’s Bar a much more crowd commendatory space to enjoy live performances of Huddersfield’s finest local bands and musicians, with ample distance to hold a conversation without having your eardrums overpowered with deafening instrumentation.

The banterous regular Jack Manning provided remarkable support for the evening and drew in the Friday night pre-drinkers with an incredibly likeable stage persona and a performance full of passionate vocal enthusiasm and a raw skill with his acoustic guitar. A naturally characteristic crowd pleaser, throughout the set he performed his trademark club song conversions and took requests from the jubilant crowd, incorporating percussive techniques to add to his naturally embedded originality. Couples joined hands and blissfully danced to his exceptional acoustic renditions. Loud applause and whistles followed his final cover that was Steppenwolf’s ‘Born To Be Wild.’

Jack Manning

 The 3-piece self-dubbed indie-funk group EBGB’s followed, smothered in psychedelic green lighting and truly brought the funkiest Huddersfield-bred jams to the atmospheric venue. Guitarist Matt Thompson impressed with righteous rock n roll solos and catchy breakdowns in an authentic set full of thrilling climaxes and thumping rhythmic tempos in a style closely reminiscent of Aerosmith’s Joe Perry. Lead vocalist Phil S Stein wooed the bustling crowd with a youthful vibrancy in the role of frontman whilst simultaneously providing smooth bass undertones for the cheery audience to dance delightedly to.


Harriet Blank said, “There is truly no live music experience like at Herbert’s Bar. Tonight has been as exceptional as ever and I will definitely be coming back.”


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