Gi3MO – The Untold Adventures Of Gary Guttersnypes – Album review

The Untold Adventures Of Gary Guttersnypes cover art

Dropped last week on the Rumbustious Records label, member of the steadily renowned Brighton bred hip-hop and soul group Rum Committee Gi3MO returns with an almost completely solo release – The Untold Adventures Of Gary Guttersnypes – with the intention to bring back ‘beats that went UHH, and THUNK, and WHUT, and KLACK’, and of course to exercise his lyrical abilities in the form of  ‘tales of hitherto unimparted misdemeanors’. As Gi3Mo’s long awaited solo release since 2011’s – THE CHRONICLES OF BLITZ MURKURY IN 3D – it will be interesting to see just how he has developed individually.

The happy-go-lucky intro Giztro commences before the Better Late Then Never track, in which a groovy instrumental backgrounds Gi3MO’s free-thought bars that interprets as he feels the time that has now come to make his stance back into hip-hop, in his most insolent and fuck-the-world fashion. In Iron Gut his rhymes emphasize his independences, and the beginnings of a growing arrogance that trends in his verses. The track Go Back (Gold) only further enhances his belligerent demeanour.

Sultan really is the definition of the record – an Arabic derived term that has meanings of an authority/power in a man that has some form of control, and indeed features yet more boastful lyrics denouncing those who aren’t as he believes on his level of lyricism. Although Dogfood has a real feral and ferocious vibe, when reaching the centre of the record – particularly on tracks Mothership (Ego Trip) and Bingo! – the album admittedly becomes steadily more sketchy, as G’s grouchy persona slowly isn’t enough to sustain his words that lack as much substance as direction. Sure, he can rhyme, but irritably there’s no real passion or feeling besides from a somewhat shallow immodesty that can come across as overweening complacency. The first track that evidently maintains a subject matter in it’s entirety is Britflix, where Gi3MO cleverly cites numerous movie references into a 4 minutes coercion of rhymes. The tenth track Ashes Falling featuring co-Rum Committee member Rag N Bone Man who takes lead on the chorus has a smoother ambiance, full of deeply struck bass notes to mull over and unwind to. The final two tracks Warning Thing and Yareeaha are the last vividly egotistical and violent verses we encounter on the record.

 So, has he progressed from the Blitz Murkury Chronicles? Well, despite an undoubtedly experienced flow and far-reaching vocabulary, it just seems not enough to make this album out as something that it isn’t. If you’re looking for an album to bump to, maybe even laugh to then yep, this is probably for you. However, if you’re looking for an album with purposeful insights and depth, then I would have to suggest otherwise. 

Check out the record for yourself to have your own opinion, available for purchase and free listening on the Rum Committee bandcamp site below:


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