ill Move Sporadic – Drug Corpse – Album review

Drug Corpse cover art

Drug Corpse is Ill Move Sporatic’s latest collaborative album with a vast range of fresh lyrical talents, featuring; Cappo, Geebag, TPS FAM, More1, Cor Stadik, Deeflux & Exflux along with Joey Menza. A dark and assertive release, the result is many gloomy and immodest verses each with interestingly diverse vocal characteristics, which are enlivened by IMS’s formidably trademark sounds. A release for the true hip-hop heads, it’s distinctive sound is accomplished in all the little ways. Appreciators might notably recognise the crackle in the vinyl cuts throughout the album, which gives it that home-grown and rugged ambience that you surely know by now to expect.

The strong introductory track Facedown featuring Efeks kicks in after the Drugtro with a head bopping beat and quick, solid lyrics. The boastfully hostile bars are complimented by the ardent instrumental, only furthering in its intensity which instantly entices the listener for what’s to come. The assertive hook in Recitals Of Pain plays over forceful, clever wordplay that’s collaborated with Technoo and Joey Menza. The heavy beat bangs along to more pissed-off and versatile verses, which slowly drops out into the slower, more relaxed tempo of No Way About It with the attributed elements of Nottingham MC, Cappo. The track’s used to flaunt their composed flows, with breathless lyrical endurance as Cappo goes in spitting bars that’ll weigh massively on your mind. The instrumental takes a funkier course in Overload, flattered by Gee Bag and Downstroke’s lyrical aid. The bars are spat in a lazier drawl in the usual immodest fashion that’s in no way lethargic.

Difficult, featuring Deeflux, is rapped in a more melodic tone with on point and dynamic bars over the sound of the exhaustive horn which plays throughout the track. Following the Bring It Out skit, Sound Of Pain resumes with Omar Teknology’s harsh bars that are intensified by the severe instrumental, spitting on point to the beat. The undisputed anthem of the album is Drastic Blows featuring Theme, with viscous lyrical sets that diverge sweetly with the high keyed beat. Joey Menza returns in Finish This to captivate, with more provocative verses over another heavy and high pitched instrumental. Enter The Winter is a chilling track which definitely makes you feel the cold in a hard hitting, frosty bout of rhymes from Cor Stidak. The triad collaboration of Oliver Sudden, More1 and Joey Menza use the track Triplets to three-fold demonstrate their lyrical skills over an originally individual beat of their own. A substantially heavy tune, each artist spits their dark and profound endowment of words over their contrasting backing tracks; a must hear.

Realer Dealer has a slapstick-aura, featuring London rapper Theme. The track shouts out in an aggressively vibrant aptitude with a surreptitious beat before skipping to the Along For The Ride skit. The singular song on the record with artist TPS, Written Madness, calls for a return to the Boombap sounds with his notably offensive custom with words across an uplifting beat. The final track is the hard-hitting and slow tempo’d outro, Bruiser. The oddly optimistic bars spat by Omar Teknology seem to leave a cliffhanger for more, but I guess that time only will tell.

Drug Corpse is available as a bundle pack of formats. The pack includes a Jewel case CD, a 74 Min Tape Cassette and a Starch Records medical prescription – this prescription includes a download code to acquire the album in high quality MP3 format.

The album can also be listened to for free, and bought for an immediate and high-quality (format of your choice) download from the Starch Records site below.


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