Czars Hairdressers 2nd Year Anniversary, Huddersfield 19/10/13

Czar’s Hairdresser’s last night celebrated it’s 2nd anniversary with an excellent musical showcase, performed by some of Huddersfield’s most acclaimed local musicians alongside an exhibition of Jess Moore’s remarkable artwork.

The fancy dress themed occasion produced some admirably attempted costumes, including a Gene Simmons/Alice Cooper crossover and a leopard costume that left very little to the imagination…

Arriving at the hairdresser’s shortly after 7pm, I was caught immediately in the stifled, hot air that accumulated between the 30+ people that had arrived before me, appreciatively listening to Galia’s sweetly struck chords supporting her enjoyably fixating singing.

Hiding behind her long blonde hair she entertained us with her soft vocals, alternating her voice to reach the higher notes with fantastic ease.

Once she’d stepped from the stage I leaped outside, breathless and gasping for the refreshing October air.

After quickly popping into the Queens Tavern next door for a drink, I returned to catch the beginnings of Jack Manning’s set.

Outside, I noticed passersby down the Imperial Arcade street stopping to overhear his playing, whilst some decided to step inside.

Meanwhile, with eyes closed in a passionate grimace he was sub-consciously lost in the entrancingly pleasant music he was producing, with a glowing aura of modesty and an exceptionally crowd captivating flow.

His originals arguably got the most applause across the evening.

The group Vets performed emotively, and sustained the remaining half hour before guitarist Sam played a sharply executed guitar solo that demonstrated his abilities brilliantly to end the night.


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