laminAte Pet animaL (Thomas Trueman) Soundcloud review

Laminate Pet Animal is a new project that’s based loosely around Leeds and the Midlands. LPA started in the recent summer, and already has three tracks out with an EP soon to be released. In essence it combines the use of found sounds, ambience and electro-acoustic music into something that’s hopefully unique and separable from the other emerging artists around him. Currently heavily focused on production, in the near future Thomas is working to converting the songs into a live translation for the EP.

laminAte Pet animaL

The first of three songs available on his Soundcloud is Heights, a track which lead distortion draws you into a strange variation of samples, which admittedly clicks into a steady rhythm before chords begin to strike; signalling the start of the singing. The nostalgic story-tell lyrics I instantly found to be most congratulatory, as the harrowing verses paint a vividly pessimistic picture to play in contrast with the supporting high notes in an overall lightly buoyant instrumental. Taking into account it’s prematurity, however, I can find it in myself to forgive Thomas as I slowly grimaced to the songs disappointingly messy ultimatum; where the sounds rashly coincide and disrupt the increasingly sweet flow of the song in a brutal collision, that sadly should have instead been allowed to play out until the end.

Don’t Wait For Me begins well, and continuously maintains an aura of a restrained dilemma that desperately needs resolving. The lyrics again brilliantly convey a tormented image of a relatable love crisis, as Thomas’s voice echoes entrancingly to the familiarly resilient acoustic that’s performed alongside. When the tempo rises you genuinely feel uplifted, and when it drops the moment converts into a nearly enthralling anticipation for the result of a hopeful resolution, that ultimately concludes itself in a saddening submission that one will never be found.

Almost unnervingly at first, the most recent song Oriens delivers a slowly uplifting emotion that recognises a saddening necessity to revive that which had been lost in the stories previously told. The lonesome piano notes shyly enliven what I believe to be an inner redemption of some kind, as the track progresses into a crescendo mid-way that almost provokingly sticks with you. As the song resumes, the lightly touched keys powerfully make you feel the true depths of your conscience.

Thomas Trueman

It will certainly be interesting to see how laminAte Pet animaL progresses. If you’ve enjoyed what you’ve heard, be sure to check out and Like the Facebook page to keep up to date with the music and gig announcements on the link below:


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