Electro Swing Club Vol. 1 review

Electro Swing Club Vol. 1

““It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing

The Electric Swing Club are dubbed as the “A-Z global home of ‘Electro Swing’ and the ‘New Swing Generation’. They offer an original experience for everybody in the business of entertainment, whether as a fan or as a promoter (etc).

The Electro Swing Club Vol. is the resulted compilation of the best Electro-Swing that the club can offer with a variety of Electro to enjoy ranging from House to Drum ‘n’ Bass, as well as of course plenty of Swing to keep you entertained. First to kick off is (no.1) I Hate Myself, which has a title that implies its nature and is an interestingly heavy introduction. With a heavy, grooving bassline the steadily acclaimed Slamboree kick things into swing with smooth, jazzy samples that play in excellent contrast with the fused Electro & Drum ‘n’ Bass. Collectively, it formulates into a club song that will leave a crowd lively to say the least. Track two (no.2) Cabin Fever positively slips into a more sexy, upbeat role to the record. A certain sing-a-long which again follows the Blues/Jazz trait, the chorus climaxes into a classically traditional example of evolved Electro-Swing.

The predominantly psychedelic House song (no.3) Kikilaki is a genuine example of deeply entrancing music that enforces a driven objective to dance. A probable fan favourite, Max Pashm & The Romany Diamonds together accumulate a thrilling club mix that incorporates some traditional swing instrumentals to keep the swingers swinging. Taking a leaf out of the book of breakbeat, James Copeland’s (no.4) Shut Up & Dance is thumping, jumping and exhilarating to listen to, and will no doubt keep you bouncing to the rhythmic breaks that play throughout. The not-too-impulsive Electro-Swing release (no.5) Tourist from DJ Mibor however features bopping elements of house, and provides the compilation mix with some mellow chill time.

(no.7) Get Busy overpowers you with Electro-House with some joyous, ecstatic Swing. With some huge bassy fills, there’s something different in every drop. (no.10) Swing Out delivers a pulsating bassline with plenty of pleasurable Swing samples to keep you moving. The vigorously enlivening (no.11) Triple A (AAA) has some outrageously pacy instrumentals to accompany the dreamy singing  that plays over. (no.12) I Can Swing is (you guessed it) features more outright Swing, with finely coerced samples to keep you swinging all the way through.

This is a must have for… anybody. Whether a Swing addict or a mild appreciator of the House genre, this record will have you rocking. End of.

You can buy the album online on iTunes, Beatport & Juno from their website by following the link below:



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