M.O.B (SY6) – Soundcloud review

M.O.B (SY6)

A renowned House turntablist from Shropshire, UK, Max Oliver Bolton aka M.O.B has prestige in his own right: performing regularly at student night “Pulse” in Shrewsbury at the Buttermarket and C:21 venues, as well as The Shrewsbury Fields Forever Festival in 2012. On top of this, he broadcasts and performs live on shropshireradio.com every Monday night respectively.

M.O.B took off first with his warping, almost futuristic form of House music: dropping some heavy sounds across breakbeat in ‘Time is Up’. As the track progresses he kicks in some deep fills accompanied by Ragga vocal samples, making the hype tune some exceptional rave material by prolonging the sensation with a persistently funky bassline.

‘Klumsy Kates Entertaining Experience’ is the first example we see of M.O.B testing his talents with Drum & Bass in an unnerving mix. The first 1/3 of the track is haunted by the echos of a piano sampled across a thumping hook. Just as it starts to become repetitive he begins to liven things up slowly but surely; and a Junglist influence soon appears, when another Ragga sample coincides with a blaring trumpet. Soon after, he makes a sly transition into something heavier with a hard grime sample. The track steadily becomes more familiar which sadly inclines a loss of total originality, but with that said it’s a decent track that’s worth a listen nevertheless.

Luckily however he chose to advance with his House abilities in ‘Everybody is Jumpin’, playing off a jazzy saxophone with a pacy hook, before eventually making a smooth transition into dreamy but bouncy House! He goes on to excellently combine old with modern sounds, and brought about a brief nostalgia when I heard the Bear Necessities sample play. The trickling piano plays lightly and well together with the flow of an interesting range of samples, including ‘Come Together’ and Tribe Called Quest to name a few.

Next up comes ‘Do Your Groovy Thing’. Deep thumping House, you’ll get a real 90’s feel from the vocals. The hard rhythm would be brilliant if you were feeling particularly energetic catching it performed live… A sweet synthesis  of electronic groove across lively textures. The finale begs to “Clap your hands”, and deservedly so.

‘Rare Love’ is brilliant. In it, we see his passion for techno and disco come across simultaneously in an aura of thumping House beats to bop your head too. The continuously pulsing bassline needs to be heard on some fly speakers to be truly appreciated for what it is, with subtle drops intertwining well with the hooks. Admittedly there are times when it edges on borderline repetitiveness, however if it was caught at a rave it would be certainly hard to turn away from.

For more authentic and funky breaks, ‘The Good Girl’ is one to hear. It’s catchy and would effortlessly set off a rave euphorically, with some heavy Hip-Hop samples to enjoy all night long. It’s so energetic and funky that you won’t be left standing still, it’s a vibrant piece of work. Fresh and original, hopefully it’s also a taster of what’s to come from M.O.B in the future!

If you enjoyed his sounds then be sure to check out and follow his Soundcloud page on the link below:



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