Bound By Exile – Monarchy Of Dust Review

Bound By Exile - Monarchy Of Dust

A big, brutal opening makes its stance for Bound By Exiles latest single Monarchy Of Dust. Their first change in genre direction: a push for Death Metal instead of the Deathcore that’s profoundly placed them in a respectable position in the underground industry. Vocalist Luke McCarthy continues to demonstrate his exasperatedly raw vocal ranges alongside the typically heavy riffs from Dan Trump & George Christie, and the hard hitting kick patterns of Alex Frampton. A nice alternate glissando sliding intervenes in the verse at the end of the intro and thus continues Lukes crushing vocals.

The blast beats shine throughout the song with some impressive drum kicks, the tremelo chugging patterns are tightly executed and the use of alternate picking shines until a featuring atonal feel to the solo, which is very innovative and gives the song substance above the lacklustre gallops which are fast becoming recognisable trademarks of an already over-played Deathcore genre… One may call it relentless. It’s a great mixture of thick textured brutality and giving the music a second to breathe. The bass thunders prominently, and all in all it’s a pretty pounding piece of Death Metal! The drumming at times does feel slightly too processed at times, but this could be a slight inclination towards an industrial type of sound that they’re trying to pull off. Either way, it works.  The lead guitar sets the song apart, and the eerie sounds would imaginably lead the listener to wondering what their previous recordings would have included and entailed. The ending machine gun style tremolo picking left something reminiscent of Gojira, excellence.

It’s early beginnings still, and as such there will always be slight demeanor’s to pick at, but I think this new music direction could finally be the transition necessary to begin planting their foothold into the industry and could at the least grasp them some more notoriety.

Check out their Facebook page on the link below for tour announcements, news and their latest releases:


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