Bound By Exile – Defilement EP Review

Bound By Exile

Met with introductory slams that nearly erupted my eardrums Defilement begins furiously with mesmerizing kick patterns that shortly follow on the first track Desecrate. Ingesteds Jason Evans features to distinctly growl across the carnage alongside Luke McCarthys simply filthy screams, a brilliant contrast of highs and lows that work to dangerously enliven the serotonin in my skull with devilish exhales. Alex Framptoms speedy drum fills are dropped to become scarce momentarily only for Dan Trumps and George Christies gory, chuggy breakdowns. The atonal guitar parts perform exceptionally with Lukes layered screams and Jason further impresses with his gut-purging lows. A fine start indeed.

The second track Sick Of It differs from it’s predecessor interestingly. The uneasy guitar harmonies act as inklings reminiscent of Chimaira which would imply the sub-conscious Death Metal influence. Alex is given opportunities to shine as the instrumentalists stop to sound individual snare snaps alongside the beaten cymbals. It still continues however with ceaselessly heavy riffs and disgusting, evil breakdowns. Even the Robot Devil in Futurama humorously features in a sample that clarified my exact thoughts (Pretty brutal even by my standards!”).  In the grossly titled You’re Old News Now Cunt we’re treated to a wickedly beautiful lead guitar part that sounds over the battlefield of chords melodically. This track is outspoken from the rest atmospherically more then anything, vividly unsettling it only gets darker as it continues on: heavier and lower drops impersonating the walk down a staircase to brimstone and hell fire.

Finally we’re left with the last track Dethroned which features Nexilva vocalist and lyricist Gaz King. Generally following the same destructive patterns with a consistently talented bass darkly underlining it they continue to intensely pull off the technical riffs and maintain the aura of Whitechapelsmashing rhythms but with their own conceptional originality. The final breakdown and scream is genuinely one of the heaviest breakdowns that I’ve heard from a UK release in a ridiculously long time, it’s the perfect outro to an exceptional 15 minutes of fury.

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