The Curtis Johnson Band & Eddy Gartry @ The Old New Inn, Llanfyllin 09/05/13

The Curtis Johnson Band

A brilliantly ideal Thursday night for Blues. Local legend Eddy Gartry superbly supported the internationally talented Normandy group The Curtis Johnson Band on a night that was enjoyed by all that participated.

After a pint poured by the lovely Beth Breeden and some warm laughter the funk began flowing with some Muddy Waters. With a youthful step and grand vocals the room began swingin’, and a smooth solo drew in the last of the locals remaining by the bar. With a wink and a smile Eddy continued to slap the strings to Billy Boy Arnold’s ‘I Wish You Would’. Like wine his age was disregarded for fine expertise and comfort that never once looked to hinder the performance as he strutted the stage playing the classics intimately.

There was great diversity in the crowd which I spotted in the women that literally filled the dancefloor: young & old; as it should be. His vocals went on to adapt a gravelly, earthy tone when necessary such as when playing the ever-notorious ‘When The Devil’s Got Your Name’. All in all his soulful singing was engaging from start to finish to accompany the ear tickling bass and the snapping snares.

At long last The Curtis Johnson Band stepped unto the stage demonstrating their undeniably bluesy and rhythmic style. As Curtis himself passionately fist-pumped his enthusiasm his melodic voice filled the room and was met with hands clapping their appreciation. Their finger-snapping flow magnificently boomed euphorically, enhanced by the keyboard that played in perfect ethos with the harmonies.

The Curtis Johnson Band

Surrounded by waltzing and swing dancing I felt as though I’d travelled back to the 50’s… A certain highlight of the night was met when one of the guitarists began to jam on the bar – literally on the bar. The ‘flappers’ flaunted their stuff beautifully to the soothing, sensuous rhythm that received a fantastic response from the room.

An excellent night musically and generally made by the brilliant company, be sure to catch one of Eddy Gartry’s magnificent shows and also be sure to check out The Curtis Johnson Band, I can only wish they’ll return soon for another exemplary Blues performance in the future!


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