Rise Of An Empire – ‘Castigation Of A God’ EP review

Castigation Of A God

Having shared stages with the iconic Martyr Defiled Silent Screams their portfolio speaks for itself, and undoubtedly was enough persuasion necessary for me to check out this new found gem. 4 piece Death Metal band Rise Of An Empire from Bridgewater unleash mayhem in their EP Castigation Of A God. Old-school Deathcore fanatics who’ve been missing the admirably aggressive styles of the Somatic Defilement will at least be drawn to the harrowing screams of Will Willcox, in tune to the destructive rhythms of unearthly UK traits that wouldn’t be scarce in a Cerebral Bore release. Followed by John Hurst on the drums, Joe Hurst on the bass and Ellwood Newbon performing hell fire on the guitar, short and sweet might not be the best description of the record, but indeed the sentiments the same. Necromatrimony introduces the EP generically, but overcomes the feeling of conformity with a daunting breakdown just before the minute mark; Ellwood takes a second to play a bar or two and then BAM! Headbang! The riffs resume to come in hard and I can already mind-map the mosh pits. Gut purging vocals continue to enliven the ear drums until only a cymbal sounds the silence… A sludgy riff breaks away to into a shrieking dissonant guitar part, and a head-jolting breakdown to end the track confirmed the brutality that awaited me.

The riffs maintain the Infant Annihilator feel throughout Righteous Torture, only surpassed by vicious drops that echo each momentary lapse of silence. As well as comparing Will more and more to Oceano‘s Adam Warren I found myself enjoying Johns kick patterns that became more and more frequent & diverse, but they cut themselves apart and find individuality from their use of the harmonic minor scale exceptionally.

 Castigation Of A God follows through with the anti-christ specialty that only belongs on a Death Metal EP and introduces a breath of air for the crowds to chant “(and) I’ll make you suffer!” that I’ve always believed to be missing from too many Deathcore albums; the oppurtunity for fans to participate with the anthems without perfecting their pig squeals or scanning relentlessly through lyric pages. Coincidentally however I would like to see a lyric page set up for this EP… Morbid Lust completes the serenade with a filthy bass riff from Joe Hurst that’s hijacked to pave way for the finale of putrid growls and defining drops, and the last of the skull splintering breakdowns (unfortunately) to end this record on a bone crushing high. 

I thoroughly enjoyed checking out this EP and I’m excited to hopefully hear more from these guys in the future, check out Castigation Of A God for yourself and make your own judgement on the link below – all available for Free Download unless you’d like to donate for their exceptional efforts. If you do like what you hear then ‘like’ the band on Facebook, the link of which you can also find below, and keep up to date and hopefully catch them at a gig near you in the future!




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