‘Bear Music – Launch Party’ @ The Ironworks, Oswestry 06/04/13

I found myself ill this morning, sat in a closed garden centre in Guilsfield suffering from a cheap, grotty hangover with only a cup of tea to revitalise me. I could only reminisce the drunken nightlife of Oswestry, but once again I found my night spent in the Ironworks.

Organiser James Shuttleworth aka ‘Pixel’ got me & my photographer into the event ahead of the others. I’d heard of this night happening for a while now and was looking forward to a brisk change of music and being supplied with some fresh techno.

First I was impressed with the layout of the familiar stage, every effort had been made to give the crowd all the room they’d need. The night started slowly with a rather generic dubstep mix… Emalkay, Bass Cannon & the likes… But Supabad got the crowd dancing as the sky blue lighting glimmered across the room.

I was worried as the night progressed that the evening was turning into more of a social occasion – shy groups of friends sat themselves into any spare seat – but the atmosphere got lively once Leeroy Theory introduced a harder techno playlist: shaking the low speakers as the room pulsated to the lower, raw frequencies whilst mixing well. The performance started filling the room and after a shot I dived into the crowd surrounded by girls grinding & screaming in ecstasy near the ravers dancing exhilleratingly. Opinions on the night complimented the “friendly & buzzing atmosphere that we need to see more of in Oswestry!”

Even I couldn’t help but move to the catchy step of the progressive techno ensuing. The night had really picked up, particularly as the late bus that ran from Welshpool & Montgomeryshire arrived, and the vibes only felt more positive. Pixel  stepped to the stage and played exceptionally, bringing the audience more thumping techno that at it’s peak made the crowd go wild in style – the compiled playlist genuinely got the crowd break-dancing and creating their own impressive bassline with enlivened foot stomping & jumping that was only amplified and built on as Aurora Template took over and finished the night on a spine-tingling high.

Check out the contributing artists’ Facebook/Soundcloud pages on the links below!

Pixel @ soundcloud.com/pixel-dnb
Supabad @ www.facebook.com/djsupabad
The Leeroy Theory @ www.facebook.com/pages/THE-LEEROY-THEORY
Aurora Template @ www.facebook.com/pages/Aurora-Template-AKA-Brad-Carpenter


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