Fight The Bear @ Ironworks, Oswestry, 02/03/13


Climbing the steps up to the stage me and my party settled with a feeling of vintage, surrounded by smiles seated around the spacious floor preparing to watch Bishops Castle’s most celebrated indie bands Fight The Bear and The Nuclear Weasles, supported by Llanymynech’s Space Monkey Mafia.

Space Monkey Mafia equipped themselves and begun the night covering Enter Shikari’s ‘Sorry, you’re not a winner’, which caused a slight stir to say the least. Frontman Brad Hunters vocal range interchanged impressively but however it soon became evident that they were performing to the wrong crowd. Despite managing some interaction with the audience it was clear that they were unsure of how to react to the head-banger breakdowns. It was a punk rock performance, and the room lacked the atmosphere to serve the set justice. Brads passion ran the stage whilst his band mates remained motionless and emotionless throughout, and perhaps because of that solely they received a moderate applause at the end.

I returned to a full floor as the Nuclear Weasels’ groovy rythm finally got feet moving and bodies swaying. The room became inviting and lively with upbeat keys and general happiness, the Weasels connected with the crowd tremendously and kept the night alive with dancing, performing with their original, funky style and were celebrated with cheery applause following each lapse of instrumental silence, and deservedly so. Each smooth string plucked was joyous to hear coinciding with Sam and Kyle’s distinctive vocals.

Fitting headliners Fight The Bear built on these laid foundations, and begun their set playing ‘We are the Young’ with natural comfort on stage with complete ease that remained maintained. Vocalists Johnny and Jamie’s catchy vocals and soothing riffs brought sheer “summertime vibes” to the stage and brought new light into the venue. “Enlightening, uplifting and energetic” it wasn’t just a couples waltzing during the song ‘Moon’ that gave the performance a nostalgic feel, it was a fantastic finale. Fight The Bear are looking forward to the festival season with a new album available for pre-order, be sure to check out the Llanfyllin Workhouse and Welshpool music festivals to name but a few chances to check these guys out this summer, or better yet check out their band page for gig announcements coming soon!


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