Steve Edwards feat. Rose Cheney @ Oak Live, 22/02/13

credit Tom Keen

Local Hero Steve Edwards returned to a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere armed with his recognisable rainbow strap and beautiful acoustic. Wine within reach and on his feet he was soon strutting his stuff on stage, never still for a second. A strong starting set ensured that applause steadily but surely grew from the smiling audience, his steady strums accompanied his distinctive folk-style vocals as his 4 chord progressive covers allowed the crowd to tap in time to his fluid playing style alongside the minor chords that annotated his voice ever further; producing a soulful and uplifting performance of an incredible effort, playing no less than 27 songs! A particular track worth checking out is his new single ‘They Don’t Cut Keys’.

Guest performer Rose Cheney certainly turned some heads, and she was soon surrounded by camara flashes. Her infectious smile and modest character amplified the crowds appreciation as she covered commercial gems Deadmau5, Labrinth and Massive Attack to name but a few exceptionally well. The only disappointing aspects I could take from her performance were the unfortunate lack of original writings, however I alongside a packed Oak Live will be anticipating a return hopefully in the near future!


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