Beat Juice @ The Vaults, Shrewsbury 09/02/13


A night that exceeded expectations, a night which brought together hip-hop lovers both young & old, commenced another successful show by Shropshire’s Beat Juice organisers, and beheld exciting upcoming artists JT, Ali and Couple Of Blokes who took to the stage and kicked off another thrilling, hyped up performance.

Drizzle was falling as I stepped out of the bus station into the cold and dark February evening, and we made our way to the Vaults. After the first cheap pints were downed and we’d repeatedly, drunkenly declared our delight for such a night, the merry locals were overwhelmed as the bar flooded with the regular hip-hop followers, smiles galore and cheerful for what was in store.

Renowned DJ Buzzword took to the decks and with a grin laid down one of his notoriously, ridiculously bassy mixes that turned heads quicker then the burst of a gun. The space in front of stage filled quickly with people, giving off vividly enlightening vibes and soon the time had finally arrived: JT and Ali stepped up and ripped straight into the mic with their collectively rugged, raw rhymes supported in turn by the crowd, reciting every bar they’d recognised.  Performed like professionals, the clear love of the moment between them showed as they spat silly syllables with an old school flow with an ease and look of bliss following each bar, accompanied by Buzzwords suitably fitting mix of speaker shattering hip-hop instrumentals. Their lyrical abilities was understatedly impressive, I looked across and saw a crowd of people lost in the words, and just simply losing themselves in the sounds. A great set by two people who are definitely representing Shropshires Hip-Hop scene to the fullest.

To follow up such a show was another fresh Shropshire Hip-Hop double act: Couple of Blokes, consisting of TheyCallMeEz & Mr Ease. Previously unheard to me I was genuinely blown back by their rythym and flow almost as instantly as the fresh bass dropped. Heads bopped aggressively and the air got increasingly heavier, and with infectious manic smiles on either MC’s face the enjoyable experience got personal, every time my I caught eye contact I could read the passion and sheer pleasure in their performance. I’m definitely going to have to check this group out more in the near future, their bars were tight and the set was assurance that Hip-Hop is most certainly alive in the Shire.

Below are the contributing artists Facebook pages, Youtube and Soundcloud accounts: check them out!

Couple Of Blokes

DJ Buzzword /

JT & Ali /


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One Response to Beat Juice @ The Vaults, Shrewsbury 09/02/13

  1. Beat Juice says:

    Glad you had a great time at Beat Juice, thanks for taking the time to put pen to paper! See you at the next one, big ups!

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