Ed Brown, Shrewsbury – Soundcloud Review


Anyone after that catchy, memorable and nostalgic sound you’d probably most recognise with Wonderwall or a Coldplay record probably needs to familiarise themselves with this talented musician from Shrewsbury. I got sent this guys soundcloud to check out, and  instantly his voice just made me think of Maroon 5’s Adam Levine. His vocals are passionate and true and also creditably performs piano, both of which he’s learned since primary years, as well as the guitar and drums. All his tracks are produced alone with these instruments, which to me just instantly highlights the clear desire and aspiration that’s ridiculously rare amongst the musicians of today; it was clear to me that this guys intent on success. He touched me when he mentioned how he was inspired by buskers, of whom I have a weak spot, and also how he gets inspired every time he asked to do a cover, or produce a new song of his own.

The classic covers are performed effortlessly, and with his acoustic he plays sweet harmonious sounds that could shift any mood given the right track. A distinctively powerful voice echoes and grows steadily catchier as the playlist goes on to demonstrate his abilities to match near professional pitches, in constant tune that easily has the potential to be one day mimicked like Blink’s Tom DeLonge. However admittedly, he completely shines through for me on his own original music as I always seem to find, particularly with Crossroads & Wants and Needs, but it has to be said that they’re all genuinely impressive compositions when you regard his averaged 100 listens per track. This guy definitely deserves more attention, and I understatedly believe this guy’s popularity will only continue to grow until his fan-base exceeds him.

Get to know this guy before the mainstream gets to him: go check out his incredible first Youtube acapella video, go listen to his soundcloud, get to know his tracks and go like his Facebook page so you can get involved and catch him live. This is definitely an artist you’ll want the chance to witness personally!





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