Mr. Jay – Soundcloud Review


With a wealth of experience projected throughout the course of Mr. Jay’s soundcloud, you can expect the music sought for those ‘beyond chilled’ mixes to ease the exhaustion and melt away any pain, but you’ll also find variations between samples of pure funk, trance inducing sounds and tempos that’ll keep you and your body up all night long. Its brilliance can be related and enjoyed by everyone, which is surely where the success lies and will continue to rise, as occasional uploads only reinforce my belief that we’re witnessing the beginnings of a rising figure in a revitalizing techno era who’s complimented with supplying “real tech-house!” and “old school garage/house with heavy beats!”

All available for free download, his music has the ability to lead us peacefully into trances, and acts as an escape route to calm and exotic places – the track ‘Just The Truth’ left me monging out on a mountain top – but the page excell’s by its excellent transitions from these states into emerging out in fantastically mixed breakdowns that could either subtly release you, as if you were floating among the leaves of a tree, or rather contrastingly cause you to grin ear-to-ear, and bounce your head along to the thumping basslines that steadily or manically build you up into a frenzy on any dancefloor. Tracks like ‘Bill Hicks’ project how he incorporates something effortlessly movement inspiring in eack breakdown, whereas his Robin Hood whistle track and Lion King remix reminds us of this DJ’s real person; and relives all the pleasant nostalgia comfortably and brilliantly.

Publishing material categorised generally by Garage, House and Techno he would however be far from out of place in venues pulsating with bassline breakdowns. He slyly incorporates heavy drum ‘n’ bass in his performances and is justified for being sought after for regular performances within Shrewsbury, as well as occasionally venues across the Welsh border. I catch this guy playing Wednesday nights live on Shropshire Radio from 8-9pm, if you enjoy what you hear on the page then make to sure to catch it yourself and support this talented artist. Like him on Facebook @

DJ Sammy J

“With an already impressive reputation throughout Shropshire Sammy J/DJ Mr. Jay supported the likes of Herve, A-Skillz and Jigsaw, and is ready to take his 6 years of experience to take our techno scene by storm in 2013! A resident at Pulse Shrewsbury, Reloaded and Audiyogo, as well as also performing for Sub Kutz, this 18 year old’s abilities are understatedly nothing to be underestimated, and is known through Shropshire for his late hour Wednesday night performances on Shropshire Radio. Currently on track to releasing a shed load of fresh new tracks for the masses in 2013 he’s already been sought for performances at festivals nationally. With an inspirational motivation to just see the crowds have a “wicked time” he’s impacted our county with the continuous effort to help revitalise Llanfyllin’s Workhouse, and will no doubt be returning in the near future. Aiming to quickly release a track to be signed by a major record label this is surely an exciting prospector for 2013.”

[from the County Times Top 10 Artists to listen to in 2013]


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