NYE Party @ Llanfyllin Workhouse, 31/12/12


Once again the Workhouse successfully pulled-off no doubt another highlight of the year, as Ryan Swain, Dean Jones and Jack Warden welcomed the most exciting electronica artists throughout the county and beyond the region: A night thriving of ingenious techno tunes, some of the rawest hip-hop around and some spine-shattering drum ‘n’ bass ensured everyone involved was happy with what they heard.

The venue room was favourited across the night as the Workhouse’s revitalisation was tested through extensive trials of prolonged bass-breakdowns and the crowd literally trying to raise the roof off the place. Regulars Bareroots kicked the night off  with their unique blended influence of beat making brilliantly, and set the crowd up for the beginnings of a night to remember. Following their set I wandered myself into the next-door gallery and was blown back by the rare performance of Shropshire’s JT & Ali, supported brilliantly by DJ Giddi B as the crowd was taken on a journey through the raw experience of ingenious lyrical abilities and instrumental’s. Next stepping up back-to-back were DJ’s Sammy Jay and Max Bolton, who kept the wall’s shaking with their notoriously intense abilities to make the masses rave! I even caught the people outside headbanging to it when I stepped out for a rather relieving cigarette… But still I made sure I was back long enough to catch at least half of the darkest drum ‘n’ bass around from Talisman’s incredible set which I’m still hearing people chatting about even today. Then it was just a must to catch the Elements Presents duo: Jak-in-House perform with Technotice, another undoubtedly understated talent whose performance kept the crowd up and alive for a vicious finale from Colon back-to-back with Lopephish to complete what was for everyone involved an incredible New Years to remember, spent with incredible company and with the pleasure of getting such insanely talented and modest individual’s performing to the levels they did in order to make the night such a spectacle.

For all their sounds check them out on these links and videos!

Bareroots Project: www.soundcloud.com/bareroots-project

Talisman: www.soundcloud.com/talisman-4

Jak-In-House: www.soundcloud.com/jak-in-house

Technotice: www.soundcloud.com/technotice-official

Sammy Jay/Mr. Jay: www.soundcloud.com/mr_jay

JT & Ali: www.youtube.com/user/ChongBoxTV


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