County Times 10 local bands/artists to listen to in 2013

1) Ex-Nihilo – Rock

Newtown’s hard-rock quartet Ex Nihilo are proudly representing Montgomeryshire across the UK and already have an acoustic tour set for early 2013 as well as a tour in July. Drawing inspiration mainly from rock and metal their motivation is driven by the rush only achieved by performing to active audiences nationwide, and honestly: as a fan witnessing their abilities first hand is an unbeatable experience – you wouldn’t trade places for anyone in the world. They’re complimented with an extremely flattering (over) 5000 Facebook followers since emerging in Summer 2011, and have made enthusiastic efforts to “kicking ass(!)” at every gig they’ve privileged with their presence. No strangers to the Montgomeryshire taverns, make sure you catch these guys performing near you in 2013!

2) The Misty Blue Trio – Rock/Pop/Blues

Once just an up and coming band from their hometown of Welshpool these guys have turned more then a few heads since the start of their career in 2010, and as a three-piece band have made a considerable contribution to the revitalisation of the good ol’ blues sound within Wales. Fans of such names as the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Bill Withers have found themselves subconsciously tapping-their-toes to their uniquely catchy performances from their funky first album “Soldier On”. Frontman (vocalist and guitarist) Jack Taylor’s Hendrix inspired solo’s have shed tears throughout the county, and alone has made a worthy name for himself. Together matched with the passionately moving performances of bassist ‘Bo’ and drummer Sam Leese results in a truly moving and inspired show, that would put a smile even on the most upset of a being. Currently working on a new single these guys are definitely worth  a listen in 2013, as they’ll no doubt continue to make us and our county proud across the nation.

3) DJ Sammy J/Mr. Jay – Dnb/Electro/Techno

With an already impressive reputation throughout Shropshire Sammy J/DJ Mr. Jay supported the likes of Herve, A-Skillz and Jigsaw, and is ready to take his 6 years of experience to take our techno scene by storm in 2013! A resident at Pulse Shrewsbury, Reloaded and Audiyogo, as well as also performing for Sub Kutz, this 18 year old’s abilities are understatedly nothing to be underestimated, and is known through Shropshire for his late hour Wednesday night performances on Shropshire Radio. Currently on track to releasing a shed load of fresh new tracks for the masses in 2013 he’s already been sought for performances at festivals nationally. With an inspirational motivation to just see the crowds have a “wicked time” he’s impacted our county with the continuous effort to help revitalise Llanfyllin’s Workhouse, and will no doubt be returning in the near future. Aiming to quickly release a track to be signed by a major record label this is surely an exciting prospector for 2013.

4) String The Marrionette – Rock/Metal

Starting out as a group of mates looking to make the music they loved the county’s most respected rock band for 3 years running String The Marrionette have constantly been improving individually, whether it be musically or with oustandingly impressive showmanship, and will be performing on more radio shows, lots more gigs and releasing their much anticipated debut album in February 2013. With a plan to tour in the county with respected bands The Nuclear Weasles, The Silent Blackout and Luminova they’re planning to branch out eastern to Wrexham, Manchester and Liverpool. Inspired by “the amazing local musicians, (and) our passion to make music that we enjoy” it’s recognisably reflected through their perfomances, and are a true icon of the talent our county has to offer. Achieving through far more then luck these talented individuals are more than worthy of their reputation, and cannot be missed in 2013!

5) Joe Seager – Acoustic

Ever since first picking up a guitar at the age of 12 Joe Seager received the bug that truly only a musician could relate, and inspired by the like of The Beatles, John Martyn and Led Zepellin his dedication ultimately evolved him into the understated phenomenon he is today. Pushing 7 years of performing he believes 2013 will be an exciting year as he prepares to record his debut album through his own process of  Record-Listen-Critique-Improve, and signifies breaking into our counties music scene was incredible for him, and states that it will forever be his place to perform! Essentially targeting bigger venues, bigger events and bigger audiences he however thrives off the local performances for the interaction he receives from audiences at every show, and firmly believes his music’s about connecting and uniting the people as much as making the people feel their real emotion. He feels blessed to be doing what’s he’s always been most passionate about, and whether it be a typically fascinating cover converted into his own, or his own applauded original work he brings something special to every individual and unmissable performance, and is a must-see for 2013!

6) The Nuclear Weasels – Indie

Gigging at a wide variety of venues and festivals solidly for nearly 3 years it’s about time these gents made their breakthrough into the mainstream. 4 piece indie rock band from Bishops Castle The Nuclear Weasels differentiate themselves from the competition with their unique blend of ska, reggae and traditional rock into a beautiful concoction of irresistibly uplifting music, pleasing audiences nationwide and leaving awes of brilliance on the direst of stages. Soon to play at the 02 academy in Birmingham their talents are finally taking them deservably on the slow path to stardom. Here in Montgomeryshire however, inspired by the fantastic reception they’ve received they’ll be returning home in a miniature-tour set to take off mid 2013, and will be performing in Newtown and Welshpool respectively to introduce their new, refurbished sounds upon us. Watch this space, as these guys are prepared to take the country by storm in 2013!

7) Talisman – Drum ‘n’ Bass

From spinning turntables and vinyls as a hobby Talisman has evolved into a recogisable force across the hills as laying down the darkest drum ‘n’ bass tracks around since ’07. Due to his impressive reputation Talisman has performed with ‘Elements Presents’ in venues all over the county, as well as throughout Shropshire. Playing for the “sheer buzz” he constantly sets out to create awesome atmospheres for audiences to experience, and is forever aiming to perform in front of bigger crowds and in bigger venues. Coming from the Llanfyllin area he’s always been self -promoting and producing his own music to an unmatchable degree. His efforts have gotten him only so far, but he feels 2013’s his time to shine as he’s set to release his much anticipated debut album ‘Smoke Without Fire’, and listening to his older work; such as his debut single ‘Fluture’ to his more recent mixes and latest release ‘Red Shift’, I’m far obliged to agree that this guy’s set on achieving big things.

8) Impaled Through The Skull – Death Metal

Welshpool’s unnervingly titled I.T.T.S was formed in 2011 and since has been oppressed by the unfortunate lack of interest in the death metal genre in Wales, however have regardless given all their unmatched instrument expertise in every performance to satisfy the audience in the most spectacular of fashions. Recognized for ‘constantly push(ing) intensity and brutality’, they’re acknowledged for undoubtedly bringing hell to rural taverns county-wide, and are truly a testament to the increasing interest in death metal world-wide. By effectively reaching our untapped angers, they offer a vent for these unwanted demons – to be released in a healthier way than subduing them to the brink. I choose these guys because of their incredible ability to mimic world-renowned songs to a near identical extent: giving audiences the most devastatingly brutal metal in the world effortlessly as well as introducing us to altered states of hell through their own unearthly compositions.

9) Jak-in-House -Electro/Techno/Deep House

Since the age of 15 Jack realised he had an undoubted ability to perform with his decks in front of crowds, and having set out branches Elements Presents and the Vinyl Solution he’s now well into his 5th year of audio promotions with more plans to branch out in 2013, which will mark his 10 year anniversary from when he first started out. A particularly well respected artist around these parts his “high octane performances” have rocked the counties dancefloors for a solid 9 years, and this wealth of experience surpasses the abilities of any other local DJ by a landslide. Planning to concentrate more on the production side of things he’s selflessly in the process of building a recording studio for artists as well as himself to get the opportunity to lay their tracks down and get the advantages to get themselves more recognition throughout the county. Currently studying events management he’s aiming to pursue his efforts further; to successfully assist in organising a festival, with the benefit of having attended many. Another truly exciting prospect for 2013, and if you get the chance don’t hesitate to attend one of his unmissable shows!

10) Dai Robs – Acoustic/Soul

“I love the emotions that music can make you feel and there are plenty of more emotive tracks in my set and especially on the new record.”

Performing for a solid 10 years Dai Robs has been blessed with support throughout the county, and is recognised for his memorable performances across the country, including the prestigious 02, London. With a guitar in arm and a microphone in reach he’s brilliant in his abilities to shift the moods of audiences with either a dramatic change of key, or an inspiring break in pitch accompanied with a truly and powerfully unique vocal range. Constantly improving he’s known throughout the music scene in Wales for appearances on BBC Radio Shropshire and incredibly, was awarded with single of the week on BBC Radio Wales for his last single ‘Waiting for you’. He hopes to fulfill high expectations with a new record set for release in Easter 2013 and is looking forward to organising a UK tour for promotion. An exceptional talent, he’s done our county proud and is without a doubt among the most worthy of artists to appear in this article.


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