Impaled Through The Skull @ Tribal Jam, 03/11/12

“Whatsup Tribal Jam! We’re here to play heavy metal, we are: Impaled Through The Skull!!”

‘Starting with Omar and Ben jamming late 2010 and finding a common love for metal, it soon became apparent to expand into a band. Sourcing Tom as a friend of Omar, the trio soon began composing original material influenced by Lamb Of God, Pantera, and similar bands. It was soon after that Ben introduced the duo of strings to NILE, and the first step towards Extreme Metal was taken. After writing four songs, a bassist was needed to complete the band, with James being found mid 2011. As a skilled bassist, he picked up the songs quickly, and the band felt very complete and close from that point on. Throughout the months and songs the progression from Metal to Extreme Metal came quickly, with the band’s influences becoming more and more obvious, until we reach the present and the band’s current status.’

‘Extreme Metal wishing to constantly push intensity and brutality.’

Heavy rain and the expected, typical November cold that only voluntary aggressive movement could subdue… Yes, I’d made it to Tribal Jam 2012. Accompanied by lovely photographer Danielle we hid hastily under shelter, surrounded by the remainders of Halloween skull decor and a standard yet impressive light show. We treated ourselves to the dregs of some live and funky old school rock ‘n’ roll as we patiently waited for Impaled’s set to commence.

Sullenly unhappy pumpkins were last lit as vocalist Omar Batoctoy’s unearthly mic check had warded off those unwilling to withstand anymore of the blistering cold for a certainly acquired music taste. Tragically few will know of the genius that is Job For a Cowboy, or Nile for that matter. I can only define Impaled as extreme metal in death, a widely unappreciated genre that unfortunately means that particularly for a rural Wales area these guys won’t receive nearly as much attention nor credit that they so deserve… Luckily however it means that, for some of us, we can unleash our untapped rage of the week into a condensed 30 minute session in such abhorred conditions. As expected such a performance was filled with ground-shattering breakdowns that would lead to an apocalyptic outcry unto the streets, drum patterns that Tomas Haake would shudder at the consideration of mimicking; a bass performance that could tear the air into disfiguration, gruesome shredding that leave an unpracticed finger skinless, the essence of Dimebag Darrels abilities portrayed not only via Tom Cartwright’s t-shirt: but psychologically shattering solos – and deathly vocals you’d imagine Satan himself worthy of possessing.

A surprise performance by Salacious Crumb vocalist Tom Keen in an outstandingly impressive Entombment of a Machine cover added the cherry on top of the performance – however the size of the cake was overwhelmingly difficult to overshadow. Captivatingly brutal from start to finish, the oppourtunity to catch Impaled’s set of their original songs ‘Pathological Lies’, followed by ‘Khatel Ruler of the Skies’,  ‘Labotomizing the Gods’, ‘Defiling The Gates Of Pain Within The Realm Of The Undead In Which The Gods Have Sentenced To Burn’ was certainly worth the bloodless toes and frozen fingers to witness. The finale the audience begged was a challenge accepted, as “Nile! Nile! Nile!” was chanted repeatedly through the distortion filled airwaves.

“We’re not going to punish you any longer; this is our last (and final) song.”

Although it was evident the night had taken it’s toll on Omar’s punished vocals he pulled it around immensely, as the inspiring effort aroused long applause to battle against the correlated conditions.

It pains me to have to beg, but please, please check out this bands Facebook page by copying and pasting the below link in the URL.  Give them a like and check them out when they next come to a gig near you. If you’re as much a twisted, evil child as we all are then allow them to fully unleash the demon inside you, in a somewhat socially acceptable and healthy way…


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  1. I came here looking for something else, but this enthused me regardless. Entertaining stuff!

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