Rock Night @ The Old New Inn, Llanfyllin w/String The Marionette & The Sunset Limited, 20/10/12

It’s rare living in rural Wales that I find gigs close to home; particularly not literally on the doorstep of the tavern next door. Happy to have a cheap night of classic rock I wandered into the dimly-lit back room, surrounded by empty glasses, bottles and rowdy people hailing from the neighboring areas.

I was blessed  to discover the talents of The Sunset Limited: a three-piece alternative punk rock band from Telford releasing free 5 track demo CD’s. Met with overwhelming applause for (already topless) heavily tattooed drummer Ben, bassist Kaylum and vocalist/guitarist Chet the performance was triumphant with originality. I was particularly in awe over their instrumental song Phobos, which delicately led the room mystically into trance, however their abilities surpass the instruments as Chet’s vocals beautifully kept the room alight with smiles to contrast with the bands determined expressions, which I later theorized after a chat with Ben and Chet was down to the gig being their first exceptional live performance with sly solos, catchy riffs, lyrics, some fantastic drumming and smooth underlying bass throughout.

Flatteringly comfortable however were locally famous String The Marrionette, who as always put on a show to remember full of face-melting solos, a great constant energy displayed by their infectious full-faced grins and incredible cover songs converted into their own, which led the room minimally toe-tapping all the way through. Their talents were stretched beyond what I thought ever capable to catch in Llanfyllin. Performing from their own demo EP Amsonia the band did themselves proud as they went on to cover songs from Thin Lizzy and (which unbelievably made my night) Iron Maiden’s The Trooper. I felt genuine nostalgia rooting back to Sonisphere 2011 watching Metallica perform – these guys talents are genuinely underrated as far as I’m concerned. Remember the name, I myself going to hope and pray STM becomes a household name in the near future – they deserve accredited fame.

Check their pages out for yourselves, I can’t stress enough how genuine my words are. Download their free music and introduce yourselves to a new favourite band!

Other performing bands of the night were Real 7 and headliners Luminova, whom unfortunately I missed out on due to family obligations. The event was held by JJAM Productions team Donna and Glen Jones.


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5 Responses to Rock Night @ The Old New Inn, Llanfyllin w/String The Marionette & The Sunset Limited, 20/10/12

  1. Dan Pealing says:

    I think you missed out on the headline band there chap, Luminova headed the night. And put the night on.

    The other bands were brilliant, but give us *some* due 😉

  2. JJAM Promotions says:


    This event was organised by my company: JJAM promotions. An awful lot of effort and time was put into organising this event and I was looking forward to reading your review on it however, I found its contents disappointing.

    Obviously you gave two bands: String the Marionette and The Sunset Limited a well deserved good review, however you failed to even acknowledge the other two bands which played: Real 7 and The HEADLINE act, Luminova and i’m not the slightest bit amused that they didn’t get a mention.

    I have however learnt not to let reviewers into my events in future unless they agree to stay and listen to all the bands (rather than leaving early) and review each and every band out of respect, so thanks for that lesson.

    JJAM Promotions

  3. hey there to both of you, i’m sorry but i was given a strict 300 word limit to stick too which in this i’ve already overstepped, i really would have loved to give all bands mentions, credit and a review but i particularly wanted to review string the marrionette as i’ve been a big fan of their music for a good long while and as well this they’re extremely relevant to the county paper. as for the sunset limited after watching their performance i was so impressed by their first ever live performance AND their ep that i wanted to give them the most coverage i feel they ultimately deserve. no disrespect to either of you was intended at all, i had a great night and if it were up to me i’d have wrote pages and pages of praise for every bands performance. dan if you’d like i’ll do a separate review of your bands next performance if i can get to it, just message me at so we can sort out details as for jjam productions again i apologise sincerely for my apparent disrespect, it certainly wasn’t intended. thanks again for arranging the night

    p.s. i had to leave early to babysit my siblings which regrettably meant that i missed luminovas performance. to make little amends to both of you though i’ll edit this post and give both of you mentions as well as Real 7

  4. Danielle says:

    Always enjoy reading your reviews Ethan! Excellent once again. Sounds like I’ll have to keep an eye out for these bands.

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    post is genuinely a good piece of writing, keep it up.

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