Bareroots – Soundcloud Review

To start this off straight away I’m going to suggest that you call your mates round, order a phat pizza and mong yourselves out to this unique chillout playlist with a huge potential for reaching wider recognition. Relax as you lull your head side to side to the trancey dubstep sounds of Jahmageddon Riddim, featuring the odd techno sample to elevate your mind those two steps further – close your eyes and float as your taken on a trip through your calmest state of mind. A subtle swap of genre comes by the first step-track Marijuana (in my soul). This track’s definitely for one of those solo chills; following the impressive intro feature to the track it gives a slow fresh start to the further 5 minutes of pure pleasant vibes passing through your eardrums, to your (preferably) serotonin-enhanced skull. However – you’ll also be pleased with the odd vocal sample to mouth along to as your tilting head mimics the rythym.

When you’re done with all the pondering; get up and get moving to the Delahaye Skank – this sweet tune is certainly suited to a rave with it’s soundly repetitive structure, and the odd sly trickles of slick breakdowns to get the crowd busting moves low, down and dirty! The vocal samples echo beautifully with the pacy tempo, maintaining the cool. By far one of my favourite sounds on this playlist though was the next tune – Burn Babylon. As the name suggests this track’s evidently Rastafari inspired but brings more to the door then the tapping of the snare, magically mellow but with a contradictory bouncing bassline it’s impossible not to grin manically when played at full volume. Elevate yourself and make room to move as the increasing tempo draws you quickly from your seat to your feet.

Also got a lot of time for the Smoking Lady, a pretty calm garage production which is another sweet track to just chill out to after a hard days graft. As a beautifully feminine voice and few wobbles sounds across the instrumental you drift off, and the track evokes a positive mindset to carry you through the evening. Following suit is Mr Bossman, still carrying acros the relaxed vibes but bringing in a couple more kicks to give the playlist some added energy and leaves you feeling that little bit more hyped, but with a distinct essence essentially to keep you pretty monged even still; as a ragga chick voices a perfectly chilled correlation between the instrumental and the vocals. 

The night ends enthusiastically as a trumpet blares, implying the introduction of no doubt the heaviest track on the page – Don’t Mean A Ting! With alternating basslines and aggressive vocals, close your eyelids and allow yourself to be drawn into a deep trance, let your body move soulfully as the magnificently unique instrumental confirms that this is the perfect finish to a well produced playlist. Props to Bareroots! Check it out for yourself on the link below, give feedback and make sure to share!


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