A-Skillz @ Llanfyllin Workhouse, 29/09/2012

Hype seems a comparatively dull expression to describe the Workhouse last weekend. Welcoming UK breakbeat veteran A-Skillz to the main room hosted by Sub Kutz (Pete Jones and resident DJ’s ADK [aka Adrian Kindred] and Johnny Flash), the place was jam packed with people young and old to bare witness to a man who’s held stages up as notorious as Glastonbury festival to Pacha (Ibiza), as well as a spot on BBC Radio 1 with Steve Lamacq. This guys individual talents doesn’t end at live shows however; he’s produced music for the world-renowned gaming franchise Gran Turismo 4 for Sony Playstation, Renault TV advertisement and Channel 4’s Talk Back. I’d regret to miss up the opportunity to catch this undisputed genius for myself.

From a few merry conversations at the bar I quickly picked up that people had travelled a very modest distance to catch this performance. One guy I met caught a show back in 2010, at the Guildford Boileroom, and claimed A-Skillz changed his very perspectives of music in general – “I used to be very close-minded when it came to music before I caught A-Skillz play -he introduced me to a wider variety of music I’d never experienced, and from then to today, I’m always looking out for newer, fresher underground dance artists.”

As the clock struck 1am a sheer roar of affectionate praise sounded across the revitalized Workhouse as the man of the moment stepped up upon the podium to kick off some fresh breakbeat sounds to the likes that the majority of the room would never have encountered. Full of expressions of pure bliss, epileptic inducing strobe lights and an accompanying foot-stomping bass the room was shaking like an earthquake: everything and everyone was moving in tune to his raw, versatile collection of traditional breaks and old school hip-hop. With a manic grin the energy never faltered as his renowned charisma euphorically kept spirits sky high, revitalizing the spirits of those letting loose from a heavy, damp week. The atmosphere was deservedly delightful, in the sense that everywhere you turned there were people affectionately nodding their appreciation. Those who followed their ears into the main room from outside were welcomed in with a smile and a happily raised expression. Furious applause followed each momentary silence, as the attendance steadily grew throughout the magnificent 2 hour set.

Massive respect for showing up and giving a thoroughly joyous and momentous occasion for us all to recollect happily as we grudgingly commence into the new winter month. A fantastic September finale, check out the Llanfyllin Workhouse group page for increasingly prestigious act announcements to follow very soon!



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