Fliptrix @ Nozstock 2012

The man of the moment had arrived: one of the most straight thinking talented MC’s emerging from the UK scene today had arrived on stage to do what he did best. Boasting sell-out out venues and founder of the most promising emerging label today in the UK, this man lays claim to the reborn UK hip-hop revolution with his deep direct bars and pure positive vibes, and will no doubt reach bigger heights following the relatively recent release of his 3rd solo studio album Third Eye Of The Storm. Thing is though anyone that hears this mans records knows he has yet to reach his max potential, yet already reaches new heights and is undoubtedly among the most talented MC’s breaking out, quickly going viral through UK speakers with raw lyrical abilities, analogies and concepts of thought. His 2010 record Theory Of Rhyme got met with major praise and reception and finally got himself put on the map in regards to being one of the freshest newcomers into the music industry. This can’t be understated enough, mark my words: the High Focus Crew will be the next big hype of the decade.

The mood was mega, the vibes were settled and sweet. The Bullpen had staged an impressive line-up throughout the weekend yet Saturday’s was exceptional. The crowd built throughout the afternoon in anticipation for the man who’s reputation needed no repetition; the guy was the headline act of the Sika Studios stage. Following a sick show by Jman the crowd roared appreciation for Fliptrix when he stood up on the stage supported by his mans Leaf Dog and Verb T. Things got kicked off by his mega single Mind Travelling from his Mind Travelling EP, performed with bare integrity and was literally burning up with passion. One thing you have to hand to the High Focus crew is that they put on a show that simply outdoes the opposition: they put in the effort to make the experience personal to their audience and Fliptrix gestured and stared into each man who came out to witness his ability. It’s too evident that they enjoy every single second spent up on the stage and the crowd returns this appreciation with bare awe and grins, giving rowdy applause after each and every single performed. The crowd reached mad heights throughout the 45 minute set, peaking at hits like My Soul, Deep Set Thoughts and Wylin Out which were performed to bare perfection.

Chilling at the back with my hand in the hair I was observing the madness in front of me by the real fans who’d made it out to learn each lyric and each verse, to those who were just getting blown away with a smile on their faces, trying to get into the movement and rapped along to whatever they could pick up from the choruses. The show was too sick, the atmosphere was amazing and the reception was righteous as he stepped down to make way for fellow Four Owl member Jam Baxter and the mad lyricist Dirty Dike, or better known as the Constant Dikestar. Fliptrix and the High Focus crew need serious recognition for their services to Hip-Hop, check out their stuff asap and do not miss out on the biggest hype to hit the UK this decade!



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