Dub Phizix @ Nozstock 2012

With roots going back to Manchester, UK Drum ‘n’ Bass producer Dub Phizix began his obsession with music over 20 years ago, and just over a decade ago took up  the art-form of Drum and Bass. By 2010, Dub Phizix is an understated accomplished producer – releasing high profile sounds with major labels like Exit, Commercial Suicide and Disbatch calling his music ‘Essential material’. In 2011 an impact was finally made from the notoriously heavy hit ‘Marka’, which saw commercial success and ultimately put Dub.P on the map in terms of the mainstream audiences. A blend of pure raw dirt through your speakers the filth questions your concept of thoughts – to the extent all you can make yourself do is close your eyes and hallucinate to the beats flowing. Seriously, go get yourself crunked up and go check it out for yourselves

After a day of exploring all aspects of the new wave of the emerging underground hip-hop revolution, along with some chilled out acoustics and headline music I was about up for an all out rave, and made my way to a warehouse known to us as the Cubicles – pulsating bass through to the early hours of the morn, this stage housed deep, dark varieties of dubstep, and just simply bangin’ drum and bass. Revellers were treated here too ‘beats and breaks of more locally resident talents’ alongside with some of the most skillful world-renowned turntablists from the DJ establishment.*

The live experience of Dub.P was something totally surreal, a fresh new experience to encounter and enjoy. From head bopping to all out skanking the crowds were the true emotion of pleasure. I’ll swear to you now that not a single head turned to leave, and even if they tried they’d struggle as the arena was literally packed out to the brim. Bass breaks turned from slow and steady, to raw vibrations that shook the very core of your body and set your mind off on a euphoria of sheer delight and pure joy. With outright tunes like Break it, Never Been and Narrow eyes keeping the crowd moving from start to finish this gig proved to one of the best performances of the weekend by far. This guy deserves way more recognition then he currently receives, check out his page for some free music and look up more of his stuff, because if you don’t already know, then you just don’t know



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