Datsik @ Nass Festival 2012


As far as dubstep goes, to not know Datsik (Troy Beetles) in today’s generation would infuriate keyboard warriors world-wide – such is the impact the 24 year old Canadian has made during his 3 year career as a DJ. Infamous for ‘boosting the bass’ and his general technical abilities he is truly defined as an inspiration for the aspiring youth of today, proving the ‘impossibility’ of reaching icon status indeed a very great possibility, performing with the likes of Bassnectar, Skream, and even a collaboration with the legendary (gangster) rappers Wu Tang Clan, whom Beetles cites were inspirational to him in creating the style he’s recognised for. Claiming his music to be “dark and robotic” as well as “funky and gangster”, today he’s recognised globally particularly down to his viral dubstep hits Swagga, Nuke em, Firepower and his relatively recent debut album Vitamin D (released April 2012). However he also specialises in Drum and Bass, as well as Electro House. Announced in March to headline Nass Festival 2012 with support from the likes of DJ Zinc and Drumsound and Bassline Smith, I was genuinely excited to witness Datsik’s talents first hand last weekend, however…

Following a disappointing half hour viewing of Sum 41’s performance I turned in disgust to wander the site in search of a good time. With an orgy of sound crashing like waves in my ears it was hard to differentiate between what I enjoyed the sound of and which I detested, with Deryck Whibley’s over-emphasized Yank accent wailing like a crushed kitten in the not-so-distant background. Wandering hopelessly in a daze I unintentionally stumbled into a bustling crowd outside of the UKF Stage, bursting with hype and making me desperate for a cigarette. But it was alright, I met some pretty cool people who helped kill time with their tales of a weekend under-the-influence and of their excitement for the line-up ahead of us.

Hours dissolved into minutes, and before I knew it the music died down as Datsik was introduced to the surprisingly minuscule turn-out. However in place of the masses was the deafening sound of applause and appraisal. He kicked things into proceedings almost instantly following a typical 2 minute intro allowing the crowd time to get truly hyped up. Expectations were high, and the crowd had a split second of silence to scream before the room shaked with a pulsating drop that split them between the smacko’s and the slightly less wasted others.

A mosh ensued. We bounced in sync with the sound and threw our hands into the air to wave in harmony with the techno. Things were getting heavy, as crowds tried their best to pile their way past security at the door to participate in a set you’d be lucky to catch so close to home, and those that made it through in time were taking full advantage: exuberantly diving into the audience and pushing past anyone that stood in their way. Such an effect Mr. Beetles had caused only 4 minutes into performing, it inspired him to take things into another level – by dropping the bomb and introducing the infamous Nuke Em much earlier than I’d anticipated, and a couple of others I might add as a slur between confusion and joy spread across the faces of those surrounding me. Regardless of this however Datsik had succeeded in magnifying such a spectacle to the extent where people were trying to literally raise the roof off the place.

Exasperated enjoyment ensued to dramatic extents throughout the hour. The performance was truly special to everyone who participated in celebrating Nass Festival’s headlining act, and up to the final mix of Beetles’ set the aura and raw energy of the warehouse never faltered even slightly. Wandering back to my friends van in a daze 3 hours later the brilliance of the spectacle was still fresh in my mind, and I couldn’t help but grin all the way to the car park despite the rain doing it’s best to dampen everyone’s high spirits. A fantastic finale to my already incredible weekend.



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